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Can I donate stock or crypto to a campaign?
Can I donate stock or crypto to a campaign?
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Yes! The ability to donate stock or crypto to charity is one of the great benefits of using Daffy. 😎

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a Daffy account (or log in if you’re already a member)

  2. Go to “Add Funds” to start a stock or crypto contribution

  3. Send us your stock or crypto (instructions provided during Step 2)

  4. Daffy receives your asset(s), liquidates it, and sends the proceeds to your Daffy account in US dollars

  5. Make a donation from your account to a Daffy Campaign or any of the 1.5M+ charities on Daffy

  6. Access the tax receipt for your stock or crypto donation at any time at

Most charities are not able to easily accept stock or crypto due to the administrative costs it requires. Daffy doesn’t charge charities a fee for accepting donations funded by crypto or stock. We also send them the donations in US dollars. 🎉

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