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Guide: How To Launch Your Daffy Campaign
Guide: How To Launch Your Daffy Campaign
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Whether you’re a non-profit looking to raise money or an individual who wants to make an impact, discover the 4 steps it takes to get your Daffy Campaign up and running.

1. Select the charity or charities you want to support

If you’re new to Daffy, get started by visiting

For existing members, once you’re signed in you can head on over to

Once you’re there, enter the name or tax ID of the charity, or charities you want to support with your campaign.

A unique feature of Daffy Campaigns is that you’ll be able to support up to 6 charities at a time. We’ve seen this feature be used to support multiple non-profits at a time during crises like the Maui fires or for cause areas like the environment or food insecurity where multiple charities are working together on the issue.

2. Set the goals and cadence of your campaign

Start by entering the amount you’d like to raise. You can choose from a fixed goal amount like $10,000 or if you want your campaign to be an ongoing goal you can select ‘unlimited.’

You can even set up campaign milestones throughout your campaign.

Fundraising platforms for politicians and companies often include several milestones and goals, to help motivate their communities to give multiple times as they hit intermediary goals. With Daffy Campaigns, instead of setting just one goal for your campaign, members can set multiple milestones, to celebrate your campaign’s progress, and help drive more donations until you’ve met your goal.

If you select ‘Automatic’ Daffy will automatically set two milestones for your campaign.

For example: if you’re looking to raise $10,000, the two automatic milestones would be $5,000 and $7,500, but you can define your milestones by selecting ‘Custom.’ If you’d prefer to not have any milestones, select ‘No Milestones.’

You can also set ‘impact units’ for your campaign. Most people aren’t motivated to give solely by dollars — they care deeply about the impact those dollars can have on the people or cause they are looking to support. Daffy Campaigns allow campaign organizers to specify “impact units” to help visualize their impact like a $10 donation provides a meal for a rescued animal.

Or you can simply use dollar amounts. Once you’re done, select ‘Continue.’

3. Tell others why you’re passionate about this charity or cause

To start, give your campaign a title. You’ll want to use a strong mission-oriented call to action.

For example, ”Donate to Help Rescue Animals”

Once you type in the title, we use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to autogenerate a campaign description for you, but of course, the more personal you can make your campaign description the better.

When drafting a description, consider sharing:

  1. What inspired you to start this campaign?

  2. Why others should care.

  3. The impact that donations will have on this cause.

Next, is adding photos to your campaign. You can add up to 10, but if you don’t have any images right away or at all, don’t worry. We set a default and create one with the charity logo or logos for you. Note that the image ratio is 16:9. You can upload it at 1200x675px, but only the top part (1200x415px) will be visible in the shared image.

Lastly, decide if you will be matching donations to your campaign or not. Matching is one of the most effective techniques to help encourage giving; in fact 84% of donors say they're more likely to give if a match is offered.

With Daffy’s modern donor-advised platform, we made it easy for any member to double the impact of their fundraiser by matching donations to their campaign up to a specified amount.

You can set a specific amount to match dollar for dollar and you can also select that you’re up for donating the full amount even if the full matching limit isn’t reached.

If you are matching donations, keep in mind that the money will be coming from your Daffy fund, so if you don’t have enough money in your fund, we’ll let you know how much you need to add.

And if you won’t be matching donations, no worries! We think it’s amazing that you’re leading a campaign in the first place.

Now that everything is set up, you can preview your campaign before it goes live so you can see what others see before you publish it.

4. Share your campaign with others

It might feel intimidating, but researchers found that for 85% of charitable donations, people gave because someone asked them. So sharing is how most people will see your fundraiser. Social media, email, and text are common ways to share.

We even make it easy for you to email folks directly from Daffy.

If you don't have an online network, reach out to your neighbors, places of worship, or community centers.

Your campaign page is ready to start making a difference in the world!

For more on sharing, check out our best practices for sharing your Daffy Campaign.

Head on over to, create your campaign, and let the world know about your cause!

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