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How will charities receive the donations from my campaign?
How will charities receive the donations from my campaign?
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Donations from your campaign are sent to recipient charities on a weekly basis. If you set up a match from your Daffy account, your donations will be sent along with the rest of the campaign’s donations as part of a weekly check sent to the recipient charity.

In addition to a donation check, the recipient charity will receive a letter that includes all the names of the campaign’s donors that week. Only anonymous donors are excluded from this letter.

Before mailing the donation check(s), Daffy verifies the mailing address of the charity or charities to ensure the donation is sent to the right place. Exact delivery time after Daffy has mailed the donation check varies based on the charity's location and local USPS office. All donations are mailed from California.

Do you work for a charity? Read more about how Daffy Campaigns work for charities here.

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