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What is a Daffy Campaign?
What is a Daffy Campaign?
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Daffy Campaigns allow Daffy members to raise money for the organizations and causes they support, bringing together the unique power of our modern donor-advised fund platform with the proven effective of collective online campaigns.

Daffy Campaigns features a number of unique capabilities, borrowed from the fundraising insights of some of the most successful charitable organizations in the world:

  1. Matching. One of the most effective techniques to help encourage giving is having one person’s generosity help magnify the giving of others. With Daffy’s modern donor-advised platform, any member can fund their account to offer matching donations to their campaign up to a specified amount.

  2. Impact Units. Most people aren’t motivated to give solely by dollars — they care deeply about the impact those dollars can have on the people or cause they are looking to support. Daffy Campaigns allow members to specify “impact units” to help crystalize the impact that donors to the campaign will have. It is so much more inspiring to see that your $20 donation could provide 10 meals, provide 4 warm blankets, or help plant 20 trees.

  3. Multi-charity Support. Many causes are supported by more than one organization. Why do existing campaign platforms force you to pick a single beneficiary? With Daffy Campaigns, you can specify up to six organizations, inspire your community to give, and let them choose which organization to give to. When there is a crisis, like the recent Maui fires, Daffy members can build campaigns to support the entire community, and not just limit their efforts to a single charity.

  4. Milestones. Fundraising platforms for politicians and companies often include several milestones and goals, to help motivate their communities to give multiple times as they hit intermediary goals. With Daffy Campaigns, instead of setting just one goal for your campaign, members can set multiple milestones, rallying their supporters to share and give multiple times as they cross each intermediate goal.

  5. AI Assistance. Just because you are committed to a cause does not mean necessarily that you know how to best frame your campaign. Daffy Campaigns utilizes ChatGPT by OpenAI to help our members craft a great campaign description to speed up the process of creating a high-quality campaign.

  6. Coupons. Through the end of the year, Daffy will be giving every Daffy member a small number of Daffy coupons to participate in your campaigns. One of the unique benefits of having a community built of people who put money aside for charity is that there is a ready and willing audience ready to support each other financially, and we are eager to help activate them for your campaigns.

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