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How do Daffy Campaigns work for charities?
How do Daffy Campaigns work for charities?
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Is my charity eligible for Daffy Campaigns?

Likely so! As long as your charity is on Daffy and in good standing with the IRS, a Daffy Campaign can be created to benefit your organization.

You can check if your charity is on Daffy by adding your organization’s federal tax ID to the end of this URL:

Make sure to remove the (-) hyphen in your tax ID when adding it to the end of the URL. See below for an example using Daffy’s tax ID.

If your charity is not listed, but you believe it qualifies as a “Permissible Recipient” eligible to receive donations on Daffy, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Who can create a Daffy Campaign in support of my charity?

Anyone who meets Daffy’s membership eligibility requirement can create or donate to a campaign. Any individual 18 years or older, corporation, or trust may become a Daffy member, create a Daffy fund, or join an existing Daffy fund. Members residing outside the U.S. may not be eligible for an income tax deduction for contributions to a Daffy fund.

Does my charity have to pay any fees to Daffy in order to receive donations from a campaign?

No! Unlike many fundraising platforms, Daffy does not charge fees to charities for campaigns or any donations made to them on our platform.

Daffy is a not-for-profit community built around a new, modern platform for giving. Our organization depends on the monthly dues that our members contribute to support the development and operation of our unique donor-advised fund and community.

Learn more about the membership dues and fees Daffy members pay, which ensures we can send 100% of every donation to charity.

How and when will I receive my Daffy Campaign donations?

Donations from campaigns are sent to recipient charities on a weekly basis. You will receive one check with the total amount the campaign raised for your charity that week.

Before mailing the donation check, Daffy will verify your charity’s mailing address to ensure the donation is sent to the right place. If you’d like to update your charity’s mailing address, please reach out to us at

Exact delivery time after Daffy has mailed the donation check varies based on the charity's location and local USPS office. All donations are mailed from California.

What information can I access on a Daffy Campaign benefitting my charity?

In addition to a weekly donation check, your charity will receive a donation letter that includes the name of the campaign and all the names of the campaign’s donors that week. Only anonymous donors are excluded from this letter.

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