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What role permissions do members of my family fund have?
What role permissions do members of my family fund have?
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When you invite someone to join your family fund, you will be asked to select a role for them. People can be added to your fund as an organizer, advisor, or family member.




Family Member

Add, delete or edit funding methods (i.e. bank account, credit cards, Apple Pay)

Edit fund name

Change fund portfolio

Add organizers, advisors, and family members

Remove advisors or family members*

Make cash and non-cash contributions (i.e. stock, crypto, DAF transfers)

Make one-time or recurring donations

Approve donation requests**

Make donation requests


View fund balance

View fund portfolio

View fund contributions (including type and amount)

View fund donations (including amount)

* Organizers have full control of the fund. Once added, only an organizer can remove themselves from the fund.

**When a donation request is made, all fund organizers are notified who made the request and the donation amount requested. Only organizers can approve donation requests. Only donations approved by family fund organizers and in accordance with our Member Agreement will be processed.

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