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What benefits does Daffy provide to charities?
What benefits does Daffy provide to charities?
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Daffy is a modern donor-advised fund (DAF) and giving community designed to help people be more generous, more often. Daffy provides several benefits to charities on our platform.

  • Daffy members are intentional donors. They set annual giving goals and automate their donations through Daffy's app and website.

  • 100% of all donations made on Daffy go directly to charities. Daffy does not take a transaction fee. Our members pay monthly fees to Daffy to support the development and operation of our unique donor-advised fund.

  • We simplify complex asset giving from your donors. Through Daffy, your charity can receive donations of stock and crypto without having to set up a brokerage account or crypto wallet to accept these funds. Charities pay zero fees for these types of donations.

  • Daffy provides automated tax receipts for donors so your organization doesn’t have to worry about sending them.

  • Unlike traditional DAF providers, we aren’t incentivized to keep contributions in our members’ accounts. Daffy requires a minimum annual donation from all our members.

  • With Daffy Campaigns, your charity can easily run online fundraisers that include a donor match.

Check out our blog articles about how Daffy can help your non-profit fundraise and ways your organization can use Daffy Campaigns.

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