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How do I transfer my current donor-advised fund (DAF)?
How do I transfer my current donor-advised fund (DAF)?
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You can transfer all or a part of your existing DAF to Daffy.

  1. Create a DAF transfer "intent" on Daffy by clicking or tapping the "Add Funds" button and then “DAF transfer”

  2. Indicate how much you are transferring and from which provider.

    • We need this information to send the funds to your Daffy account when they arrive.

  3. Log into your existing DAF provider

  4. Make a grant of any amount to the Daffy Charitable Fund

    • EIN: 86-3177440

    • Make sure your grant is not anonymous

    • In the grant designation section, please include the name on your Daffy account

    • If required, also indicate the grant is for “where needed most”

    • If needed, Daffy's address is: 221 Main Street, #2061, Los Altos, CA 94023

You’ll receive a notification when the funds are in your Daffy account. 🎉

Note: A DAF transfer can take up to several weeks to reach Daffy depending on the processing time of the sending DAF (i.e. your current provider). Daffy has no control over this. To get a better sense of how long it will take for your DAF transfer to reach Daffy, we recommend reaching out to your current DAF provider directly.​

If you have any questions, email us at so we can help.

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